Five No-No’s For The HandleBar Indy



You’ve booked one of The HandleBar’s pedal pubs and have received the long list of information required to make sure everyone in your party has a good time. As much (and as often) as you’ve shared it with your crew, the message doesn’t always get across.

And so, based on experience, here is a short list of mistakes folks make when aboard the greatest rolling pedal bar the Midwest has to offer.


#1 Pregaming Too Hard Before Pedaling

This might seem like an obvious no-no, but people arrive already two-sheets to the wind tipsy. It not only puts the rider in danger—they’re about to be on a moving vehicle for two hours, on which more alcohol can be consumed—but it also adds an extra layer of stress for the driver, who only wants all of the pedalers to have a great time and remain safe. Each of our guys and gals operating the bikes has enough to worry about in order to ensure safety, so arriving intoxicated is one way to get you a kind refusal for the pedal bar tour…without getting your money back. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this pedal party!


#2 Over-Serving Yourself Mid-Tour

Everyone who’s ridden one of our pedal bars knows how much fun it can be. And many of them learn how easy it is to get a little too tipsy because of all the excitement of riding a bar on wheels. We LOVE happy people (it’s why we’re in this business), but it’s important to keep yourself in check throughout the tour of downtown Indy. Enjoy a few beers while pedaling. Take a celebratory shot from one of our bar stops. Cheers with your mates all the way. But remember this: you have two hours on the pedal bar, and if our calculations are correct, it doesn’t take that long to get too intoxicated if you’re not being careful. Let’s not allow the wheels to fall off!


#3 Being Rude to Pedestrians

This is much rarer than some of the other no-no’s on this list, but what many HandleBar patrons don’t realize is that everything can be heard from the bike, but almost nothing can be heard from someone yelling at the bike. You’re not only representing yourself, your family, your company, etc.; you’re also representing Indianapolis and being a rude jerk to a random stranger on the side of the road because you think he/she can’t hear you and you’re perched a little higher than they are won’t get you far. Just because you get to enjoy beer on wheels doesn’t give you the right to be uncool to passersby. It’s rare when we have to remove someone from one of our pedal bar tours, but being rude is a one way ticket to walking home alone.


#4 Not Tipping Your Bar Handler (Driver)

We know you’ve paid for the tour. We know you’ve paid for the drinks. We know you’re ready to have a blast. And we’re excited for you, but please don’t forget that your driver is the key to the happiness and energy of the pedal bar tour. They are with you (in very close proximity) for two hours and work damn hard for the money they make. We only hire the best of the best, the most personable, and the most responsible. Our drivers are trained (and have the passion) for hospitality, and should be rewarded based on how well they take care of YOU! Please spread this to your group the next time you ride one of our pedal bars, and hook a brother/sister up!


#5 Driving After Your Tour

Your Bar Handler is the designated driver for your tour. They strive to keep you safe above all else. The worst thing you can do after hopping off the bike slightly tipsy is to get behind the wheel of your vehicle and drive home. As you’re well aware, Uber/Lyft is by far the safest choice if you don’t have a DD in your party. We love our guests and want them to come back and ride with us again in one piece.


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