The Patio is Open: A Quick Guide to the Best Outdoor Bars in Downtown Indy

We began The HandleBar almost six years ago for one purpose: offer Indianapolis an alternative experience for exploring the city. Add Indianapolis’ no-law for public consumption, and well, you could say we’ve had a lot of fun hosting tours throughout the years. Enjoying a beverage or two out of doors when the weather turns is something that should make every Midwesterner in our great country proud. It implies freedom and autonomy and caters only to laughter and get-togethers with folks we love.

We’ve taken a step down from our traveling barstool and found our way to the other local outdoor drinking establishments. We love Indy. We love bars. We love drinking beer outdoors.

The Eagle

Now a staple of Mass Ave, The Eagle has been knocking patio drinking out of the park with arguably the best location for enjoying a few adult beverages the city has to offer. Add in the comfort food (try the mac ’n cheese with added bacon and hot peppers), $3 chalices of Miller High Life, a patio that can host dozens without feeling overcrowded, and you have one great place to drink outside.

The Rathskeller

One word: Biergarten. Two more words: Live Music. The Rathskeller does some incredible things for anyone who likes gigantic tubs (64oz) of German beer on tap, music that will get you out of your seat, and a wide range of ages all coming together for a little taste of Bavaria. We’ll be damned if you don’t enjoy your night out when drinking, dancing, and devouring soft pretzels dipped in fresh horseradish mustard.

Platt 99

You might not expect it, but the indoor/outdoor bar found on the second floor the chic Alexander Hotel offers a fantastic retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Indy. Here, patrons are offered signature cocktails, local beer on tap, and the saltiest/truffle-est complimentary popcorn that will keep you coming back for more. Plus, the outdoor seating provides one of the few rooftop settings for drinking our city has to offer.

Brothers Bar and Grill 

Relatively new to the downtown Indy scene, Brothers provides a fantastic outdoor setup for daytime drinking. You’ll have everything you want when it comes to delicious (nutritious options also available!) snacks and meals, along with countless draft options. If you’re a sports nut, just peak your head inside every so often to catch all the happenings in the world of athletics.

Metazoa Brewing Co. 

What just might be the best view of downtown we have, Metazoa caters to lovers of all things beer and animals. And they stay busy because of it. Here, you’ll be able to walk (or drive) over with your pup, order a beer and a treat, and head outside to the designated dog park where you might just find a love story…for you OR your dog. Give this off-the-beaten-path establishment a chance. You’ll not be disappointed.

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